Aina International Co. Ltd.    

Aina international company is considered one of the biggest constructing and building firms, which established in 1999. During its progress in this field it managed to occupy a distinguished position. Since it involve in work of constructions and building, Aina has executed a number of projects that are based on modern engineering skills, high technology and advanced components related to civil and engineering work that cope with developmental and physical measures ,particularly after Sudan has became a market of investment.

To realize these ends, Aina international company has equipped with all necessary infrastructures which represent in work tools, equipments, productive units and qualified cadres. Due to these engineering qualifications, the company has managed to implement a number of huge assets with high capitals. The assets represent in:

  1. Preparation of fixed and mobile workshops with full machines and tools of construction and civil private work. These in addition to the several heavy machines regarding this work.
  2. Establishment of a very big factory for producing ready mixed concrete and equipped it with very advanced fixed and mobile units of production and provide it with good transportation and cement pumpers for high building places. So Aina international is one of the pioneer companies in field of producing the ready building materials that used in recent physical development witnessed by Sudan.
  3. Also is established stone crashers to produce aggregate, crushed stones to provide market with these materials.
  4. In addition to this, it has build a factory for cement products to produces Bulook, enterlok etc.
  5. To cope with international technology, the company uses the ABM system to construct the ready iron buildings.
  6. It also uses the thermal separation systems

Aina International has been successfully applying ISO system since 2004 for management of the various construction jobs. In addition, it implements an integrated system of insurance and safety (H.S.E).

The company is directed by Eng. Abdalla Mohammed Ali Elniel the chairman of the board directors and the General Manager. The rest of Aina international company staff also includes a number of qualified consultants, experts, engineers and active officials who are working efficiently with their foreign counterparts.

The Aina advanced construction systems represents the ambitious vision of the company’s leadership since it established to face and solve the difficulties to reach the climax of successes and stride wide steps in field of constructions and establishment in the country. Moreover, it exploits foreign and national expertise and use man power available in the country to enhance its work. According to this sound strategy, the company has realized a great deal of achievements and extended working activities and constructions. Thus it became very famous for the huge economical capacity and solid capability in financing and construction of projects with high scientific professional method. In this regard, the company executes and delivers the projects according to the agreed timetable and technical specifications.