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AINA International Avoin Yhtiö offers consulting services in events management, marketing, competitive research and development. This involves strategically assessing trends, providing feedback and creating the necessary infrastructure and tools for optimization and improving performance. The core principals of AINA International’s AY revolve around a building solid foundation, consistent growth and a self-sustainable future for its clients. 


AINA International Avoin Yhtiö has a wide-ranging clientele; Start-Ups, SME’s, Corporate and C-level companies with a majority exclusivity in three specific areas; Business, Sports and The Arts. 


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AINA Business

provides opportunities, avenues and means for creative, innovative ideas, concepts and models for companies and organizations to flourish and provide resources for companies to acquire new clients and members. We use several tools to enable success such as events; creating different types of events allowing clients to discover new opportunities and meet local and international entrepreneurs for trade and investment. Provide B2B/B2C match-making services.

AINA Sports

AINA Sports – provides a platform for athletes to find alternative pathways to improve and maintain well-being during their careers and in the transition to post-career. Our services may include branding, marketing and career planning with specific emphasis on endorsement management- enabling and brokering endorsement deals for athletes with local/international brands/product; financial management- enable the athletes with trusted specialist in finances and asset management on different means to manage their finances, monetize and market their likeness; health management- enable athletes through trusted health specialist and professionals within our network to promote and provide education on maintaining good mental, physical and emotional health during and post-career.


provides means to source and procure artwork, assist to craft different methods and avenues for the artist, art-related companies and organizations to explore new sources of capital, backing and resources essential for self-sustainability and growth for large- and small-scale productions.
The responsibility to all our clients and prospective clients varies depending on client needs and in some broader form include; planning promotion strategies and marketing campaigns, providing analyses for clients to source and develop funding, investment and sponsorship strategies; cultivate different types of events- seminars, conferences and parties, exclusive social gatherings from conception to completion locally and internationally; managing trade missions abroad and for international entities into Finland. 

AINA International Ay currently has service agreements and partnerships with several Finnish companies and organizations and International entities based and have long-term projects in Finland. Some of my clients:

The Other Brothers

(Movie production company) of Fritsche Company Lda - Ongoing Documentary and Film Projects in Finland as well as planning screenings/events and activities surrounding upcoming productions


(e-commerce company) of Fritsche Company Lda -Provide sales, marketing, new leads and promotion strategies 15% commission of the Total Sale for Leads that result in a closed sale leads(may include supporting the planning, administration, and execution of new customer projects).

The British & Commonwealth of Commerce in Finland (Non-Profit Organisation) 

Social responsibility is a close to our hearts as we aim to play our role in making the world a more sustainable place to live in. Therefore, I am a part of Helsinki Foundation – A non-profit foundation established for promoting the long-term conservation of nature and the environment.

AINA International Avoin Yhtiö

Y – tunnus: 3011184-4 

Phone: +358469571141


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